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Hi everyone, here is the homework for next week: FRENCH 3 - block F: Work on the questions to review all topics learnt this year. You will need to have practice at home in order to work in class on tuesday. g11- HL - block B: I totally forgot to give you the homework on thursday, but for next thursday you need Read full article »


Bonjour, Here is the homework for next week: FRENCH 3 - BLOCK F: Work on your Performance task, to have most of your french ready for me to check on tuesday G11- HL - BLOCK B: Revise dor the exam. Go through the blog to review the details we worked on in class. G12, GOOD LUCK FOR THE EXAMS, REMEMBER TO DO SOME FRENCH! Bon Read full article »


Hi everyone, Here is the homework for next week: FRENCH 3 - BLOCK F: For tuesday, do the worksheet on recipes to practise the imperative.  DEUX EXEMPLES DE RECETTES G11 - HL - BLOCK B: Do the reading: "Le village du bout du monde" to be able to work on the written assignment. Also good reading practice for the exam! I also highlighted mistakes Read full article »


Hi everyone, The homework for next week is: G11 - BLOCK B: You need to complete the 2 letters for next thursday. You will have only 30 mns in class on Monday. FRENCH 3 - BLOCK F: Do the reading les repas et faire la cuisine. Read the texts, use a dictionary to find words you don't know and complete the exercises. G12 - Read full article »


Hi everyone, here is the homework for next week: FRENCH 3 - BLOCK F: Complete the powerpoint for tuesday G11 - HL - BLOCK B: For Thursday, read and answer questions for No et Moi from pages 114 to 135 G12 - SL - BLOCKS C, D & G: For the first lesson next week, do May 2007 past paper (compulsory) for next Read full article »


Bonjour, Here is the homework for next week. It is a no homework week-end only for the athletes!!! BLOCK F - FRENCH 3: Learn the partitive and complete exercises on lepointdufle to be able to understand every aspects of that grammar point and come with some questions on tuesday. You need to be ready for a quiz on thursday. G11- IB HL: You have Read full article »


Here are some of the points that i would like you to think about. PAPER 1 + PAPER 2 Your general feeling about the difficulty of the papers? What you did right? What you did wrong? The revision you did? Or did not? What to do for the final exam to improve? Anything you would like me to go over in the next few weeks? Any other comments? It has Read full article »


Hi everyone, Here is the homework for the holidays. FRENCH 3 - BLOCK F: In preparation for the new topic, please learn/revise the vocabulary on food. Use the google doc compiled by Adelle and do the following quizlet for vocab that you should already know: Adelle's document: quizlet: Set 1 : G11 HL - BLOCK B: First remember that you should have read Read full article »


Hi everyone, here is the homework for next week: FRENCH 3- BLOCK F: If you have not done your performance task, you need to continue preparing for it. For the group who has finished, I would like you to create a google document and start brainstorming vocabulary for the next unit: La table, which includes food, meals, meal etiquette, dishes and Read full article »


Hi everyone, here is the homework for next week, FRENCH 3 - BLOCK F: You need to work on your Performance task: Remember that Adelle's group and Vasudha's group are on Friday 22nd. James and Anjali's groups are on tuesday 26th. You should give me a detailed plan in advance, in French so that i can check your ideas and your Read full article »

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Un cours de transition entre le collège et le lycée et le début de la préparation au Baccalauréat International

Vous étudierez plusieurs sujets tels que l'éducation, l'environnement, la table et les voyages, tout en développant vos connaissances grammaticales, vos aptitudes orales, écrites et votre compréhension générale.

La première année du BI

Au cours de la première année du Baccalauréat International, nous étudierons plusieurs sujets tels que les relations familiales, l'amitié, l'amour, l'éducation, les médias etc.... Nous réviserons tous les concepts grammaticaux de base et en ajouterons de nouveaux. Nous nous familiariserons avec les demandes du BI, les critères de notation et nous continuerons à développer les compétences orales, écrites et la compréhension générale.

La deuxième année du BI

Une année qui va passer si vite!!! Nous continuerons à couvrir d'autres thèmes (environnement, racisme, francophonie, technologie, travail humanitaire...) et nous pratiquerons les techniques de l'examen en complétant toutes les épreuves des années précédentes. Les examens oraux commencent dès le mois d'octobre et se terminent par l'examen oral individuel en février.